Why Us

So, how do we bring that singular focus of your success to our work with you? It begins by starting off our relationship the right way and that involves time, listening and clarity. We take the time to assess your needs in depth. We do that by asking the right questions and listening carefully to what you have to say.

While technology and systems are crucial, it’s people that bring success to life. We have many talented team members, and will involve the right team of our professionals in your engagement. Success is very personal to us and we take the time to assess and deliver knowledgeable, customized services to your situation. And, all the while, we emphasize open and effective communication, and are clear about the role that we play in your retirement plan.

When clients call us for assistance, they talk to experienced professionals – not a rep in a call center. So, the ABG Southwest team member providing support can truly assist the client, and is knowledgeable and empowered to take action.

  • We Adapt To Your Needs, Not To Our Convenience

    A crucial part of our process is understanding what’s important to you and your employees. ABG Southwest is in this for the long run and that means designing a plan based on our client’s needs, not what’s expedient for us. We collaborate with our clients, to design a customized plan that meets their needs.

  • Our Knowledgeable and Dedicated Professionals

    To stay sharp and one step ahead of a rapidly changing landscape, we support and enhance our employee knowledge base through a commitment to lifelong learning, along with technical research and training. And, recognizing that we as humans occasionally fail, ABG Southwest utilizes rigorous quality controls to catch issues before they become problems.

  • Service Above All Else

    Helping clients and employees be successful is the most satisfying part of our business. We are highly motivated to serve our clients and exceed their expectations. It’s a pretty simple business model. We’ve succeeded for over two decades because we have developed long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, accountability and extraordinary client care. We’re proud of that and we’re pleased that we have hundreds of satisfied clients. Perhaps the best testament to ABG Southwest’s commitment to exceptional care is the tenure of our client base. The average tenure of a retirement client is in excess of 10 years. In today’s world of quick profits, that tenure demonstrates the strength of our relationship and our commitment to doing right by our clients. In fact, we’ve had many of our clients since we opened our doors nearly two decades ago.