Tribal Services

We have extensive experience in evaluating benefit strategies and are trusted advisors to many Tribes and Tribal enterprises. We know the laws and regulations that may affect you and will keep you abreast of any pitfalls in the road ahead. ABG Southwest offers a full suite of recordkeeping and administration services in the following specialized areas:

  • Tribal Governmental Retirement Plans
  • Tribal Enterprise/Commercial Retirement Plans
  • Adult & Minors Per Capita Trusts

In addition to helping you implement the financial advantages of a benefit plan customized to your specific needs, ABG Southwest, in partnership with our affiliate, REDW LLC, offers a depth of resources for Tribes and their enterprises:

  • Financial audit/audit preparation
  • Forensic accounting and valuation services
  • Human Resources and compensation planning
  • Self-governance/self-determination transition
  • Accounting software solutions and training
  • Strategic planning and organizational assessments
  • Leadership and financial planning