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ABG Southwest is committed to educating employees about the importance of developing appropriate financial goals for retirement and providing them with an understanding of what is required to accomplish those goals.

We welcome you to learn more about our comprehensive, convenient and easy-to-use online tools.


GuidancePlus! helps participants make savings and investment decisions for a qualified plan. Using information from the ABG Southwest recordkeeping system and supplemental information entered by employees, GuidancePlus! will:

  • Educate participants about their investment options
  • Recommend specific asset class allocations
  • Provide information and tools to select mutual funds
  • Record participant choices and return investment decisions to our recordkeeping system

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The Financial Resource Center

The Financial Resource Center (FRC) is a comprehensive, Web-based, personal financial planning and education tool. It contains four modules, each addressing a different stage of life. In addition to providing retirement information and calculators, the FRC provides participants with valuable information and tools about related financial decisions. These include budgeting, insurance, education funding, Social Security and estate planning.

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Financial Finesse

Financial Finesse provides customized workplace financial wellness programs; employees receive unlimited access to information and guidance to help guide them toward smart financial decisions; ongoing support and coaching is also available for employees, ensuring key financial concepts can be adapted to fit real life circumstances.

Through their suite of tools, including financial wellness assessments, onsite centers that provide one-on-one access to financial planners, and regularly scheduled workshops and webinars, Financial Finesse helps empower employees to take full control of their finances.

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