Enrollment Books

ABG Southwest offers its clients state-of-the art enrollment books. Available in English or Spanish, and in printed or online versions, each enrollment book contains personalized information and plan details. Your enrollment book can include:

  • A cover letter
  • Plan highlights
  • 16 pages of full-color education text explaining the importance of retirement planning and investment basics
  • A plan-specific, fund-summary performance page
  • Plan specific forms that are perforated for easy detachment
  • Custom PDF documents

Employee Benefit Network

Our online Employee Benefit Network (EBN) enables participants to access to their plan-specific enrollment information at any time. In addition, all components of your plan’s custom enrollment book can be made available online.

Online, Interactive Retirement Planning and Enrollment

Increase employee participation and engagement with iJoin, is a mobile friendly, interactive employee education and enrollment technology that provides plan participants with a streamlined enrollment experience.

iJoin includes several helpful participant tools, including a gap analysis for determining an appropriate savings level, guidance in making investment selections, and direct interaction with their plan advisor without having to wait for an on-site meeting.