ABG Southwest’s targeted communication campaigns are based on the participant’s plan and account information. Each campaign focuses on a single retirement planning topic. Topics include:

  • Newly Eligible Introduction – encourages eligible employees to become participants by outlining the tax advantages, the power of tax-deferred compounding, and the ease of hassle-free investing offered through their plan.
  • Increase Contributions/Eligible Not Participating – encourages current or eligible participants to boost or begin their contributions by illustrating (including employer contributions) the impact contributing to their retirement plan now can have on their account balances by the time of retirement.
  • Asset Allocation – uses participants’ ages to present age-based asset allocation models for purposes of comparison.
  • Automatic Enrollment – designed to satisfy IRS and Department of Labor notice requirements
  • Retirement Gap Analysis – graphically explains a participants “gap”; which is the difference between the account balance he/she is likely to have, given current deferral percentages, and the balance required to replace the participant’s income during retirement.
  • Distribution Options – highlights the many advantages of rolling over their funds and illustrates the disadvantages associated with lump-sum withdrawals.