• Key Tax Deadlines & the Disaster Retirement Savings Act

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    Trusted advisors from ABG Southwest are highlighting key Q1-2022 tax deadlines for defined contribution plans, participant benefit strategies, and legislative updates on the Disaster Retirement Savings Act.
  • ESG & Cryptocurrency: A Fad or Here To Stay?

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    Two topics that continue to pique investor interest are ESG investing and cryptocurrency. Although investment fads are nothing new, the fear of missing out on that next hot trend can feel very real. Plan participants may have already started asking…
  • Do You Know the Advantage of After-Tax Contributions?

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    Many retirement plan participants are familiar with the elective deferral contribution limit but there is a lesser-known non-Roth after-tax feature that can allow employees to save additional money. The after-tax feature in a 401(k) plan can be extremely beneficial,…
  • Fixing Retirement Plan Errors in 2021

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    With the major disruptions for businesses over the past two years, retirement plan errors are entirely plausible as plan sponsors may have unintentionally fallen behind in keeping track of compliance procedures and deadlines. However, once a plan mistake has…
  • Retirement Plan Solutions Newsletter - Spring 2021

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    Principal’s Letter In this issue of the ABG Newsletter we explore: Potential retirement plan provisions in 2021Cybersecurity tips for plan sponsors and participantsKey CARES Act and SECURE Act considerationsUpcoming compliance deadlinesLegislative developments of noteThe Latest ABG News We hope you…
  • "Tax Talk" - Winter 2021

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    In this issue of Tax Talk, we update you on important upcoming compliance deadlines for defined contribution plans as well as provide a quick reminder of the SECURE Act’s ruling on part-time employee participation effective this year. Upcoming Compliance Deadlines…
  • Restarting Retirement Plan Participation

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    While some employees are still facing financial challenges, other employees may be ready to get back on track with their retirement goals—and many of them may need information so they can determine their next steps. Plan sponsors should start…
  • Shepherding Participants from 401(k)s to Rollover IRAs

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    The economic impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic continue to be felt across the U.S., and employees and businesses are bearing the brunt of the challenges. As many businesses partially open or close entirely, plan sponsors are faced with managing numerous…
  • Retirement Plan Solutions - Fall 2020

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    President’s Letter Dear Colleague: The economic impacts from the pandemic continue to be felt across the U.S., and employees and businesses are bearing the brunt of the challenges. ABG offices are proactively partnering with plan sponsors and financial advisors to…
  • Retirement Plan Solutions - Summer 2020

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    In light of the pandemic, plan participants are evaluating their continued participation and looking at CARES Act withdrawal provisions.
  • Retirement Plan Solutions - Spring 2020

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    As American workers and businesses continue to grapple with the health and economic ramifications of the COVID-19 global health crisis, plan sponsors are also evaluating the potential impact of both the CARES and SECURE Acts on their retirement plans.
  • Retirement Plan Solutions - Winter 2020

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    One in three U.S. workers is a millennial, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. Although two-thirds work for an employer that offers a retirement plan, only one-third of millennials participate in those plans. We talk to Erica Bonser, Director of Marketing at Alliance Benefit Group Rocky Mountain, and a millennial herself, about the underlying reasons for this lack of retirement plan engagement and what more can be done to encourage millennial participation.
  • Retirement Plan Solutions - Fall 2019

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    Heightened stock market volatility may have retirement plan participants nervous about their long-term nest eggs and making the “right” decision when it comes to their 401(k)s. In this issue we discuss the importance of being intentional when it comes to investing. We also review highlights from the Investment Company Institute's research on retirement plan participant behavior.
  • Retirement Plan Solutions - Summer 2019

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    According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute's 2019 Retirement Confidence Survey, the percentage of employees who feel confident about their ability to live comfortably in retirement has rebounded back to pre-financial crises levels. In this issue we review highlights from this annual survey and provide our perspective on participants' current attitudes to retirement.
  • Retirement Plan Solutions - Spring 2019

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    Student loan debt in America now totals more than $1.5 trillion and is now the second largest consumer debt in the U.S. after mortgages. How are employees able to juggle making student loan repayments as well as save for retirement? In this issue we look at developments in the retirement plan industry that have the potential to help.
  • Retirement Plan Solutions - Winter 2019

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    Getting employees to participate in retirement plans is no light undertaking. Much time and effort is spent at many companies in employee enrollment meetings and education sessions. Yet, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, typically, in any given year, only half of eligible employees participate in an employer-sponsored retirement plan. In this issue we look at how plan design can be used to boost participant engagement.
  • Retirement Plan Solutions - Fall 2018

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    When 401(k)s were originally introduced by the IRS in 1981, a loan feature was included with the idea that the ability to access funds when needed, would help participants become more comfortable with contributing regularly to a 401(k). In this issue we look at how 401(k) loans can actually be detrimental to a participant's retirement readiness.
  • Retirement Plan Solutions - Summer 2018

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    According to a recent study by the National Institute on Retirement Security, 66% of Millennials have nothing saved for retirement. In this issue we look at how this largest generation in U.S. history is potentially facing a retirement crisis.
  • Retirement Plan Solutions - Spring 2018

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    Entrepreneurship is alive and well in America. However, for many of these self-employed business owners saving for retirement is often last on their list of priorities. In this issue we take a look at a number of smaller-scale retirement plan options for the self-employed small business owner that can be funded throughout their working lives.
  • Retirement Plan Solutions - Winter 2018

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    When it comes to financial wellness, a recent study shows that 53% of plan participants are stressed about their finances. At ABG, we understand that today there is a real need and an opportunity to help plan participants better manage their financial lives in terms of both short- and longer-term financial goals. In this issue we provide an overview of our new Financial Wellness program designed specifically to meet this need.
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